New Friend Friday! 1/20/17


Time for my favorite post of the week 😀 I have made so many blogging friends over the past two years that I can’t even count.  I love that this community is so close that even if we are just acquaintances I can count on you to have my back as I would yours. So today give a little shout out to a fellow blogger on your favorite social media.  It could be the pick me up they need today!


Sophie @ Blame Chocolate – Like Sophie I also blame chocolate for a lot, she also rates her reviews in chocolate pieces which is amazing! Sophie’s blog is utterly delightful, right now every time I look at it I feel like it should be fall.  She writes the most amazing reviews, and we seem to have a lot in common.  Which means everyone who is friends with me should have a lot in common with her 😀 If you are not currently following Sophie I suggest going and checking out her blog ASAP.


Lisa @ Little Life Library –  I am so happy that Lisa and I found each other on the blogosphere.  Here page is just so elegant and well put together.  I knew I would love her reviews but after reading her review of A Boy Made of Blocks and seeing her picture of all the tabs in the books I knew it was meant to be.  I tab all of my books!! Some more than others 😉  Her reviews are so nicely done, they are to the point and well written. If you don’t follow Lisa I would suggest you do!




12 thoughts on “New Friend Friday! 1/20/17

  1. Oh this is so amazingly sweet Debby! Thank you so so much for this wonderful shout out ❤

    It’s so nice that we have so much in common 😄 I love chatting with you and I know I will always enjoy your posts no matter what!

    It definitely brings a smile to my face whenever I come to your blog 😊 Little Hermiones are so adorable!!

    This is such a great feature and I hope it helps me find some awesome bloggers from now on.

    Thank you once again for your kind words! ❤

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