New Friend Friday!! 1/27/17




Yay it’s time for New Friend Friday… I love this post!  I know I say that every week, but this post is truly the pick me up I need to start up my weekends. Please give your favorite blogger a shout out on your favorite social media site it may be the pick me up they need that day!


Sarah @ Between the Pages – Her blog is so beautiful, it is just so pleasing to the eye.  When you go to  her blog you will just want to stay and read all of her posts because everything just flows so nicely. Sarah does really nice reviews and tons of posts on other topics to keep her blog fresh.  I really suggest you go check out her blog now.


Danielle @ The Blonde Likes Books – I love Danielle’s reviews of books, they are so amazing and down to earth!  I’m not saying every review is a barrel of laughs but when I read her Shatter Me review I laughed a lot because I thought the same things.  If you enjoy a blogger who is honest with her reviews (in a nice way) then I suggest checking out Danielle’s blog 😀






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