Almost A Bride by, Jo Watson

5 The perfect rom-com in book form stars!!

Almost a Bride (Destination Love, #2)

This book was a hit for me from the first page until the last page.  The prologue had me laughing and crying. I knew when I started to text my non-romance reading BFF about the book it was going to be a good one.  I just had to share my thoughts with someone!!

In the prologue Annie’s life starts to take a downward spiral for the almost insane.  I can’t believe everything that happens after she catches her man in bed with another woman, while wearing nipple clamps.  (yup you read that right)  No that isn’t a spoiler its in the blurb.  She decides on a beach getaway to escape it all. Only the “happy” couple shows up on her getaway.  Annie lucks out and happens to have a made a friend right before running into the beaming couple, Chris swoops in to save the day.  However will his version of saving the day break her heart in the process.

While I have to say this book did have insta-chemistry, and some insta-love the author does alright by me in the ending.    I really adored how the book just flowed and I could see how all the antics would just play out with the two couples sparing off.  I have to say it, but holy hell Trevv is an ASSHOLE with his stupid double VV name. He seems to get happier the more unhappy Annie is.  Chris on the other hand was completely off the wall adorable and crazy, I loved it. He was so insecure at moments with Annie yet not insecure at others. He was the perfect counterpart of Annie and I LOVED how he gave her the space she needed when she asked for it.  The little “poems” he would send her were adorable!!

Annie and her friend circle were amazing… they were 4 parts of a whole, they make each other complete. I love a good sisterhood and this book definitely has that. I didn’t realize until I started reading this book that there was one before this one, but that’s okay it can be read as a stand alone.  However I am now curious about the previous couple and how they met. While Annie’s life is falling apart I am glad she has such a great support system. They even show up when she doesn’t want them to, which shows true friendship. (FYI XXX shop scene hilarious!!) When Annie starts her fake relationship with Chris you can kind of see some of the plot coming however the parts you don’t see coming will hit you right in the feels.  When she finally has her giant epiphany toward the end (the huge one) it really makes you realize how much her character needs to grow, and you start rooting for her to succeed,  I was actually tearing up.  I am so glad that she was able to take the time to heal herself, make herself whole again.

I would so highly recommend this great getaway read for anyone who enjoys rom-com movies/romance books.

Thank you to Forever Romance and Jo Watson for a copy of this book in lieu of my honest review.

Goodreads link here.

book blurb…

Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: January 31st 2017 by Forever
1455595500 (ISBN13: 9781455595501)

Annie knows life isn’t always fair. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you get mistaken for a crazed intruder when you come home early and find your boyfriend wearing nipple clamps with a coworker on the night you thought he was going to propose to you.

The important thing is to move on, and for Annie that means treating herself to a tropical vacation. But when she runs into her ex and his new woman staying at the same resort, reason is washed out to sea. Caught off guard, Annie pretends she’s with Chris, a cute screenwriter she meets on the beach. With his own writing blocked, Chris is happy to help Annie craft a story to save face. Soon Annie isn’t just getting over her ex, she’s getting under Chris. As her fictional feelings grow increasingly real, Annie has to decide if she’s ready to risk her heart on a new relationship.

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