New Friend Friday!! 2/3/16


It’s time for another New Friend Friday!!! I so needed this post after a crazy first week back to work after leave… whew that was rough.  TGIF though!!!  I always love this post I love all the positive feedback of people seeing bloggers they already know or finding new bloggers.  So take a moment today to give a shout out to your favorite blogger friend on social media.  I have so many it’s hard to keep track of, hopefully all of you know who you are 😉



Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse –  I am so happy that Deanna found my blog, we seem to have the same taste in books.  When looking over her reviews and tags I see we are reading a lot of the same books at the same time. So I may suggest a buddy read very soon! Her reviews are so great and on point.  The tags she does are really fun to read.  Overall she has quite an enjoyable blog, and her banner is gorgeous.  If you haven’t checked her out I highly suggest it!!


Marteen @ The Book Taurus –  I love, love, love Marteen’s raw honesty.  Almost every time I read one of her blog posts I have a smile on my face. Not only is she honest in her reviews she is honest about being book crazy and having a giant TBR, which I think we ALL can relate too. Her blog is just super relate-able and really pleasing to the eye.  I hope you will pop over and check it out.


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