Dream World, by Erin A. Jensen

5 Loving the depth of Benjamin’s emotions stars!!

Dream World (Dream Waters #2)

First of all I have to say the covers for this series are stunning!! If I didn’t already own the second book in this series the cover alone would’ve made me pick it up. Now comes the hardest part, reviewing a second book in a series without major spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. I will say that the character growth for some of the main characters was AMAZING in this book and there was NO second book slump at all. Erin A. Jensen’s writing just flows for me, usually when you have multiple POV’s the book becomes so overwhelming and hard to follow that is not the case in these two books.  With both books once I picked them up I did not want to put them down.  I am a very character driven reader and I have to have a connection to the characters.  However Erin’s books are very character and plot driven which kept me rapt in her Dream world for hours.

If you didn’t read book one (I have no idea what you are waiting for!!) then I will do a quick explanation.  The Dream World is a place “sighted” people go in their dream forms, i.e. fairies, dragons, trolls, etc.  However in the real world “un-sighted” people cannot see dream forms and sighted people can. Did that make sense?  So Charlie our main character in book one is out of the psych ward in book 2.  He is struggling to adjust to his new role in his dream form. As he wasn’t raised by his “people” like he was supposed to.  Basically he fell through the cracks and now he is being rushed through the process to save the princess Emma.  I still feel an immense connection to Charlie, he is and probably will always be my favorite character. I love his candidness, it’s almost like he forgets to have a filter from head to mouth. Never mind the fact that everyone can read his thoughts which adds a completely hilarious twist to the whole book. Let alone one of his teachers is Benjamin which is probably one of the scariest guys I have ever come across besides the king.

Benjamin aka Benji’s character growth in this book is amazing.  I can’t believe how much depth we get on him.  I really was not expecting that, I really enjoyed getting his take on everything and how he became attached to the king.  I loved getting to see his attachment to the princess and why he is so hard on Charlie.  Deep down he really is a softy even though he doesn’t know how to process it on the outside.

I still feel a little uneasy about the David/Emma angle.  However I feel as the books come out everything will be explained. I’m not sure how I will feel after it is explained, but that is okay.  Emma’s pain in this book just breaks my heart.  I really hope to see her stronger in the next book 😦

The side characters!! I cannot say enough good things about the side characters in this book.  The ones that we are introduced to in this one are amazing.  I hope in the next book we get more on them.  I would love background history on them, maybe they could have POV’s in the next book?  I’m not mentioning names or what they are in the dream world because I don’t want to do spoilers. I think it’s best just to find out in the book, but Erin knows who I’m talking about 😉

I highly, highly suggest this series.. I am dying to get my hands on the next book!!

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Book Blurb…

Published October 31st 2016 by Dream Waters Publishing LLC
0997171243 (ISBN13: 9780997171242)
Edition Language
You waded into the Waters and caught a glimpse of the Dream World.
Now immerse yourself and discover what lies beyond the trees.Recently released from a psychiatric facility after learning that his Dream Sight is not a delusion but a gift, Charlie Oliver sets off to accept an invitation extended by a powerful Dark creature and potential mentor to join his “family” of Sighted individuals. As his demon guides begin to instruct him, Charlie quickly discovers just how little he actually knows about the Dream World and the creatures who inhabit it.

While Charlie stumbles through his lessons and struggles to harness his natural abilities, Emma Talbot has her own struggles to deal with now that she’s been taken from the facility and placed under house arrest. Imprisoned within the same walls as the man she suspects of being an adulterer and a murderer, Emma grows weaker while her world continues to crumble around her.

As Charlie begins to tap into his dormant instincts, he learns more about Emma’s past and becomes increasingly convinced that he needs to save her. But what if the very prison that binds her is the only thing protecting her from what lurks beyond?



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