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If  you follow me on social media you may have seen yesterday I had the chance to meet author Lindsay Detwiler.  She is an amazing author who writes romance novels.  Not only is she an amazing author she was a super sweet lady, who was so nice to talk with. Lindsay also puts her mastiff Henry in her books, which I find super sweet and adorable.  I also had the chance to meet Henry yesterday and am currently trying to talk Mr. Tough Guy into a 4th dog bigger than all the rest. ( wish me luck) Down below are the books that I bought.   She does have more than these two books they just happen to be the ones I bought. Also, these covers guys are gorgeous how can you not buy them for on your bookshelf.  I am looking forwarding to reading them and reviewing them for you.

Then Comes Love

Then Comes Love (Then Comes Love, #1)

Paperback, 322 pages
Published March 18th 2016 by Hot Tree Publishing
ISBN 192544810X (ISBN13: 9781925448108)
Edition Language English
Goodreadslink here
Three generations of women,
Three second loves,
All with a dose of chaos mixed in.

Sometimes in life, changes can be good…

After losing her husband, her five cats, and her home, Charlotte Noel hates feeling dependent. As Charlotte tries to find her identity in this new stage of life, she comes to realize that drama never ends, dance aerobics can be a war zone, and love is always a possibility.

You never know when a midlife crisis is going to strike…

Charlotte’s daughter, Annie, is going through struggles of her own. Recently divorced, she is feeling frumpy and worn-out. Run ragged, Annie mourns her youth and wonders where her life is headed, all while hoping she can help her daughter Amelia get it together.

Settling down can be overrated, especially when you’re falling for a rock star look-alike…

Amelia is the wild child of the family. Working three jobs, because she just hasn’t figured out what she wants in life, she realizes happiness isn’t always settling down with a steady, dependable man; sometimes it’s about following your true passion and living on the edge.

No matter what age you are, life and love can be crazy…

Where Love Went

Where Love Went (Then Comes Love, #2)
Paperback, 284 pages
Published August 13th 2016 by Hot Tree Publishing
ISBN 1925448223 (ISBN13: 9781925448221)
Edition Language English
Goodreads link here
Sometimes unexpected miracles can shift your life off course.

A year ago, Amelia, Annie, and Charlotte found second loves in unexpected places. Now, everyone’s life seems to have fallen into place… until a late night knock on Charlotte’s door shakes up everything.

Love rarely goes as planned…

Unexpected news leaves Amelia confused and worried. She loves Owen but is not sure what her future holds, especially with them living the tour life. As the months pass by and Amelia begins to question everything, she wonders if her relationship with Owen can truly last forever.

Sometimes a first love creeps back in…

While helping Amelia sort out her life, Annie finds new problems of her own. A visitor from her past threatens to overturn her relationship with Joe. Annie must make some difficult choices.

As the three women face new complexities in the sequel to Then Comes Love, they learn the fairy tale can fade, leaving you to question everything you thought you knew. However, family and friendship can sometimes be the link you need to find what you want.

*Disclaimer Lindsay does not even know I made this post so this is not sponsored in any way*

20 thoughts on “Author Lindsay Detwiler Signing!!

  1. OMG those covers!!! They are gorgeous!! I’m so happy you had a good time meeting the author (here’s hoping that the hubs gets you a 4th dog lol). The books sound really good and I look forward to your reviews and thoughts =)

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  2. Wow, I love those book covers! So simply yet sooo pretty 🙂

    Good luck with the dog-talk 😀 I’ve 2 big ones and a half myself 😀 Alsatian, Doberman and a Sheepdog… they’re great the way they bounce off each other 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sadly haven’t read.. they are on my TBR for the near future, I have been following her forever and she is the sweetest lady. She lives about 20 minutes from me so I knew the next signing she had I was going to go grab these two books!!

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      1. Do you go to many signings? That’s pretty cool that you got to know one of your favorite authors. I haven’t been to one yet. I will have to start paying attention to these signings 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve been lucky I have gone to a couple. Nora Robert’s book store is only a couple hours drive from me and a every couple months she will have 5 or 6 big name authors there to sign. I go to those. It would be really neat to go to a huge one though…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nora Robert is the author of so many books right? I didn’t know she has a bookstore. What is it called? Unless it must be in your city only. I don’t think I have heard of it.

        Liked by 1 person

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