New Friend Friday!!! 2/24/17



Hi guys!!! You know what day of the week it is?????!!!! YAAY it’s Friday time for my favorite post!! I’m not sure if anyone has noticed or not but I haven’t been posting as much, and for that I am sorry!  I am trying to get back into a regular schedule with work, kids, life, etc.  Once I do my reading will pick back up and the blog will pick back up. One thing I will NEVER, EVER slack on is the new friend Friday post.  I love spreading blogger love, and blogger support all around.  I appreciate all of you, whether we just chat a little or a lot.  All of you are amazing 😀  Take the time today to shout out your favorite blogger friend on social media today it may be the pick they need!!


Melanie @ Me To The Any – Melanie’s blog is AMAZING!! First of all she used my favorite color which if you haven’t guessed yet is any shade of tiffany blue/teal.  We have a ton of the same books in common, and her reviews are fantastic!! So well thought out and put together, if something wasn’t her cup of tea you know why but in a polite way which I enjoy.  She add’s just the right amount of hilarity and sass into her blog to make me chuckle to myself.  All in all I suggest you go suggest out her blog if you aren’t already following her!


Jackie @ Bookworm Mom –  Jackie’s blog is so cute, and lovely. A bonus is she reads one of my favorite genre’s romance *sigh* For some reason I have a hard time finding fellow romance blogger friends.  Jackie’s reviews are quick and to the point and she has some great blitz/giveaways on her blog.  If you haven’t found her on your own yet I highly suggest you go check her out 😀



7 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 2/24/17

  1. I’m just now getting the time to write on this (it’s been a crazy week for me)! But thank you SO MUCH, Debby! You are so very sweet! And I am so thankful to have met you on here, and to be able to read all your amazing content! Seriously, this made my week! Thank you so much! ❤ xo


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