New Friend Friday!! 03/03/17


Hey everyone it’s March already!! Holy cow, I can’t believe it!! This year is already flying by so fast…I hope everyone is doing well on their bookish resolutions.  Well I was supposed to be more organized and that went out the window when I lost my list of who was already on New Friend Friday.  So if you get nominated twice I am #sorrynotsorry!  You are awesome and kudos to you for getting nominated twice 😀  Here’s to me buying a planner this past week and hopefully figuring out where to write in it who I have previously nominated instead of on a scrap of paper my kids can steal!  Onto the lovely people I am nominating this week …


Kate @ bibliophile book club – Her page looks amazing, and so inviting.  Almost like she’s just waiting for you to pop over and talk about books with her. I just love the layout of her reviews, interviews and blog tours.  Everything is so well put together it makes me want to read post after post. You can tell in her reviews if she is really excited about a book or not.  I love it when bloggers get really excited about a book and you can feel the excitement through their posts, it makes me want to go out and immediately buy it. If you aren’t currently following Kate I would go check out her blog!


Nicki @ Secret Library –  This page is so clean and crisp, sometimes I feel like if I just look at it I’ll mess it up.  I love the wide array of books that Nicki reads, they are so out of my element that I find myself reading all of the reviews just to see if I add them to my TBR.  Nicki’s review’s usually make me add most of them to my TBR.  She also takes part in things like Throw Back Thursday and Standalone Sunday, all in all I really enjoy her blog and what she brings to our blogging community so I suggest you go check her out!


6 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!! 03/03/17

    1. I didn’t loose the list one of my children named “I didn’t do it” took it and probably creatively turned it into paper confetti I just vacuumed up lol. Yes but now since I bought the planner I feel the need to buy pens and markers… it’s scary!

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