New Friend Friday!! 03/17/17




Hi Guys!! As always it’s time for my favorite post of the week. This weekend is going to be crazy for us, so if I don’t answer your comments right away on this weeks new friend post please be patient 😀  I have alas started a new list… again if you get mentioned twice yay!! It is because the lovely tiny human beings who live here turned my previous list into a lovely work of art, aka shredded paper.  (No Drew I am not lying.. :P)   On to some amazing blogs, as per usual give a shout out to your favorite blogger this week via your favorite social media!!


Charlotte @ Ruckus Girl – I should probably shake my head in shame that I haven’t mentioned her before seeing as how we are related…sorry Charlotte please forgive me.  While Charlotte is a pretty avid reader she doesn’t tend to review books on her blog, her blog leans more towards telling funny stories and all of her short story writings.  Charlotte’s blog is amazingly well laid out and well put together and I highly suggest checking it out.  Although I don’t think it’s a wordpress account so you may want to sign up for email alerts!


Sarah @ Btweenthepages – When I was a teenager I wish I was half as cool as Sarah is… Her blog is amazing!! It is so pleasing to the eye, once you hop over there you will take a look and never be able to look away. She does really great reviews, but on top of that she does really great posts on where to buy books, her youtube channel, discussion posts, and tags!  If you haven’t been to her page yet I suggest you go check it out right now!!!




7 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!! 03/17/17

  1. As always, thank you for this feature Debby! it allows us to discover so many great new blogs *heart eyes* 🙂 Just followed Sarah & I’m on Charolotte’s blog which has already got a chuckle out of me with the pop subscription box mentioning the 20+ members smh too funny 🙂

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