New Friend Friday!! 3/24/17


Hi everyone, it’s time for my favorite post of the week!! As per usual take the time to shout out to your favorite blogger friends on social media this week.  You never know who may need a little pick me up in their day!


Amanda @ Cover2Covermom – Her page is amazing ad blogging goals for me.  I don’t think I could even cover the scope of how amazing her blog is.  The layout is great, the reviews are amazing, the pictures, the tags… I could go on and on!! I also love finding other mommy bloggers 😀  If you haven’t checked her out yet I would highly suggest you do!


Stephanie @ Between Folded Pages – This blog is super duper new to me!  I am really enjoying all the things that Stephanie is bringing into the blogging community.  She recently wrote a poem and posted it, it blew me away.  She has some really great talent with poetry let alone with posting reviews.  I love how she is open and honest about her life and the books she is reading.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, hop on over and take a look!!


9 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!! 3/24/17

  1. Well, two peeps that are definitely awesome right there!
    (You should be following me)
    Wait, I think you’re already following me. Then that’s all you ever have to do! 😂🤣
    I’m thinking my friend Ashleigh’s blog at She’s amazingly sweet and has also started a booktube!

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  2. You have no idea how much this made my day/weekend! I’ve had a rough week, so I was in need of a pick me up ❤ I am so honored to have been featured in this post. What an amazing concept and great way to discover new bloggers! I look forward to seeing who you will feature next week 😊


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