New Friend Friday!!! 04/07/17


Yay it’s #NFF, I love this post!! I so needed this post this week, there is so much negativity out there.. Let Friday be the day we do a positive shout out to one blogger friend on social media 😀  You can use the hashtag or not, that is up to you!!


Amylee @ The Book Lagoon –  This book blog is so lovely, I don’t know if I can put into words just how lovely it is.  You may just have to check it out and see it for yourself.  Amylee’s little heart nautical rope “stars” are so cute! Her reviews are very well thought out and spot on to what I was thinking too!! It’s a very well organized blog too, you can find everything you are looking for with just a couple clicks of your mouse.


Jackie @ To Much of A Book Nerd – I love your cover photo!! Jackie has such a nice layout and the colors just flow on her page.  I really enjoy how her reviews point out in bold her main points of each section.  So she always gets her main point across even with a few main sentences. Overall her blog is just delightful and I highly suggest checking it out 😀



11 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 04/07/17

  1. I am here Debby with Positivity a FLOWING! *whoop whoop* I LOVE this post, always find new blogging buddies here. I’m already following Amylee but thank you for recommending Jackie, I’ve just followed her blog. Excellent picks my friend 😉

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