New Friend Friday!!! 04/14/17


Yay!! It is time for #NFF  my favorite post of the week.  I just love sharing the blogger positivity lately 😀  I have made the most amazing blogging friends on here.  As per usual shout out your favorite blogger people or new to you blogger people on your favorite social media!!


Tiffany @ Tiff the Booknerd –   I don’t know if Tiffany was going for the adorable aesthetic but I love it,  I think it is super adorable.  Her reviews are so nice and on point, she reviews a wide array of YA books.  On top of all the reviews that Tiffany does she does tags and topic posts.  I just really enjoy the  wide arrange of books and topics on her blog.  If you haven’t checked out her blog I would highly suggest it.


Annie @ The Misstery –  Can you guess what Annie reviews??? I bet you will never guess?? It’s mystery!! I seem to follow a lot of mystery blogs, however Annie’s always stands out because it is so timeless and classic in its features.  I also love, love, love her reviews.  I rarely read mystery or suspense however after reading her reviews I usually add her books to my TBR.  If you haven’t checked her out yet I highly suggest it.



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