New Friend Friday!! 4/28/17



I cannot believe another week has just flown by!! Spring is definitly in the air finally where we live so we are on the move more often than not.  However with the warm weather please don’t forget to shout out to your favorite blogger friend on social media today!! You never know what kind of week/day they are having and they may just need it 😀  I love #NFF and all the sharing of blogger love.. onto the friends!!


Bentley @ Book Bastion –  I didn’t find Bentley he found my blog just recently and I am so happy he did.  I have been pursuing his blog this past week and I LOVE it. From the aesthetic down to the honest reviews its amazing.   His reviews just roll along so nicely for me including the perfectly timed hilarious GIFs.  Bentley reviews a wide arrange of books so it’s always something new on his blog for me to look forward to! If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, I really suggest you do.



Catherine @ Book Wonderland –  This blog is straight up classy, I just love the layout.  Her reviews are really nice.  We seem to enjoy a lot of the same books, and I was really thrilled to see she added Brent Weeks to her TBR.  I assure you Catherine that giant book is well worth it 😀 Catherine is a really sweet blogger, and very interactive.  If you haven’t been to her blog yet you should definitly check it out.


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