New Friend Friday!! 05/12/17


It’s time for another #NFF!! I love these posts, make sure to take the time this week to shout out your favorite blogger, instagrammer, twitter person, etc.  It may be the pick me up they need 😀



Claire @ BrizzleLass Books –  I’m so happy to share another blogger positive blog on my blog!! Claire’s blog has a post on it called The Bloggers Bookshelf.  In this post she will feature another blogger and ask them questions about their bookshelves and hopefully get them to share pictures of their bookshelves.  I just love this idea!  Not only does she do this feature but she does amazing reviews too! You should totally check out her blog!


Hayley @ Rather too Fond of Books –  This blog is bringing a whole new genre of books into my life!  Hayley reads a completely different set of books than I would ever think to pick up.  I am enjoying her take on each and everyone of these books.  It is making me add new books to my TBR that I probably would’ve walked right past in the bookstore. She does really great reviews on some really great books!! You should pop on over to her blog and check it out today!!



12 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!! 05/12/17

    1. Thank you!! No I didn’t follow Inge but now I do 😀 Who is this Danielle you speak of?!?! lol Yes I follow Danielle we actually chat quite often I love her blog and yours btw.. Thank you for telling me about Inge!!

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  1. What an amazing feature and I totakky just grinned so big that you mentioned me! Thank you so much! And Hayley is amazing aswell, I’m always in awe of how much she can read aswell as keeping notes of the books she reads as like you they are totally different to my usual reads! 😁

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  2. I’ve been offline for the last couple of days so it was really lovely to come back today and read this post. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. I’m so happy to know that you’ve found some books on my blog that you might have otherwise missed out on. That’s the best thing to hear as a blogger and reviewer – you’ve made my weekend! 🙂
    Claire is a brilliant blogger too – I love her Bloggers Bookshelf feature too, and she’s a great advocate for mental health issues.
    Thanks again 🙂

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