New Friend Friday!!! 5/26/17


I’m so happy that it is Friday 😀 I love #NFF … There has been some negativity around the blogosphere this week, and I just really needed a pick me up this week! As per usual I hope you ladies and gentleman take the time today to shout out your favorite blogger friend!!


Tina @ Reading Between the Pages – This blog has such a calming affect on me, I’m not sure if it is the aesthetic of the blog itself or the way that Tina writes.  Tina mostly reads mystery books which is not a genre that I normally read however I seem to gravitate toward her reviews. Her blog is so lovely and pleasing to the eye, she is such a sweet person I think everyone should follow her blog so pop on over and check it out!


Nicki @ Secret Library – One day when I grow up I hope to have a blog half as good as Nicki!  Her posts are always on point!! She is so unbelievably sweet and interactive in the blogosphere.  Some of the books she reads I would never think to pick up while out and about but after reading her post I want to go out and find them!  If you haven’t already checked out her blog I highly suggest going over today 😀



6 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 5/26/17

  1. Yes. You should be following me! haha. I just found your site via Books, Vertigo, Tea and will be following you now. I love chatting about books.
    What’s your current read from Blogging for Books? I notice you do those – I do too.

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    1. Hi! I will go check out your blog today! 😀 I love Danielle @ Books Vertigo and Tea. I actually haven’t picked one from there this month, my last read from there was Roanoke Girls I really enjoyed it!!

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