New Friend Friday!!! 06/09/17


I’m so excited for another #NFF!! This is my favorite post of the week 😀  I love spreading the blogger love around the internet.  So make sure you take the time today to spread some love and shout out your favorite blogger, author, or friend on the internet.


Emma @ Emma’s Bookish Corner –  This blog is beyond adorable, I love how Emma admits to sniffing books because you know we ALL do it! Her pictures on the blog and Instagram are amazing!  I really enjoy Emma’s blog posts whether it be for reviewing a book or a wrap up they always keep me entertained.   If you haven’t checked out her blog I highly suggest you do!!


Rakel @ MiRakelBooks -I just love Rakel’s glasses at the top of her blog, they are perfection!! I can’t believe how amazing they are!  Not only are they amazing but her blog is amazing.  I love all of her posts and book reviews. She is such a nice blogger too! so interactive.  So pop on over and check her out!!



6 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 06/09/17

  1. As always! this is such a great feature Debby, thank you for taking the time out to spotlight bloggers. I always find new bloggers to follow through this feature which is always welcome <3! :0)

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