New Friend Friday!! 06/30/17


Hi guys!! I was so overwhelmed with last week’s response to my post.. I really enjoy that everyone else enjoys this little post!  I know it’s been my only post lately due to a horrible book slump *gasp* I know.  <shakes head> While we are waiting for that to pass, please shout out your favorite blogger friend on social media today!! It may be the pick me up they need.  On a side note I was completely blown away and surprised that Liz @ Stellar Kitten Book Reviews  decided to use my New Friend Friday as meme so if you want to hop on over and check it out go right ahead and find other new blogs 😀


Karla @ Reads and Thoughts –  Her blog is just so adorable I love it.  Karla’s reviews are so in depth it’s amazing how she can explain so much in a review without spoiling it at all!  She breaks her thoughts out so well, and when explaining different characters I love how she puts their names in bold font so you don’t get lost, that happens to me easily when reading review, or books to be honest.  Maybe authors should try that lol.  I  really enjoy how honest her about me page is so make sure to check it out!  If you aren’t following her please go check her blog out today! 😀


Breeny @ Breeny’s Books –  I just loved how Breeny approached my blog and asked me as a new blogger what she should do! I thought that was amazing , and honestly I think her blog is amazing.  She writes great reviews and posts, her blog is fresh and inviting.  She seems to be a very interactive blogger with everyone she chats with on the blogsphere 😀   Breeny seems to be sticking to her true self which is all any of us can do when we blog!  So keep it up Breeny!! Everyone should pop over and check out her blog today!!


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