New Friend Friday!!! 07/07/17


Who is excited for another New Friend Friday!!!??? I am 😀  So take the time today to shout out your favorite blogger friend on social media!  It may make their day just a little bit better 😀


Annie @ Annie Likes Words – If you can’t tell Annie really likes to write 😀  I love, love, love how her blog post titles are in third person. Her blog is full of such personality you can really tell who Annie is just by reading it.  I love that she puts professional dog petter as part of her profession… that’s amazing.  I really enjoy reading her blog posts, and find her to be very personable.  If you aren’t following her blog I highly suggest going and checking it out.


Deborah @ The Reading Chick –  This blog is so organized!  #blogginggoals! She has author interviews, different blog topics, and book reviews all organized on the top of the blog.  She also did something I would love to do but don’t actually live in a town so can’t do it.  Deborah built a Little Free Neighborhood Library!!! I really enjoy reading over Deborah’s reviews we seem to have the same taste in books and I seem to add more books to my TBR after visiting her blog!  You should hop over and follow her blog today!



10 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 07/07/17

  1. I would love to have a little free library of my own (I’d probably check it every day) but I don’t have a place for it in front of the house… I have one that’s 6,7 km away and I visit that one sometimes but they’re mostly old books… Two new bloggers, I’m going to check them out! Thanks for introducing new people to me!

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