New Friend Friday!!! 07/14/17



YAY!!! It’s another New Friend Friday, I’m so excited for these posts every week.  I really enjoy when there is blogger positivity going on.   So please share your favorite blogger on social media today, it may be the pick me up they need this week 😀


Jamie @ The Comic Vault – Guys!! I found a comic book blog!! 😀 This blog is amazing!! Not only does he talk about the popular characters, he also talks about not so well known characters/side characters.  I love learning so much more about all of these characters and the artwork in the comics.  I just love it all, this blog is such an asset to our community!  Before this I only had my brother to quiz about comics but now I feel I have unlimited resources at my fingertips!  So please go check out his blog today!


Stephanie @ Stephanie’s Novel Fiction – Why, oh why haven’t I found her Stephanie’s blog sooner???  I just love the layout of her blog, it’s so soothing and laid back. She is a very personable blogger, down to earth.  I love her reviews they are so well thought out and keep me riveted. All around she is just an amazing blogger to be following so if you aren’t following Stephanie yet please start following her today!!



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