New Friend Friday!!! 07/21/17



Holy Moly!! July is almost over!!! How did that even happen???? I’m so behind on reviews, but you know what that means??? The book slump has officially been broken 😀  yay!   You know how this post goes right?? !! If you are new, then take this day to shout out your favorite blogger on social media somehow, share the blogger positivity!!


Linda @ Linda’s Book Obsession –  I just love how Linda’s banner at the top looks like it’s glowing with LED lights.  That is amazing!! ❤  She also takes a lot of her own photos of the books she reviews, which is a thing I really slack at doing.  Her pictures are so cute!  Linda’s reviews are really in depth and well thought out…I definitly know after I read one if I want to pick up the book or not.  Pop on over and check out her blog 😀


Caro @ CJRtheBrit –  I love how bright pink her blog is.  I don’t think I have seen anyone else go this bright pink before and I love it!! Caro reads romance which I love because I mainly read romance ❤  Everything just flows on her blog.   I like how she admits in her about me to her one click addiction.  haha I used to be the same exact way!  Oh the easiness of just click and ship or click and download.  If you haven’t already followed her blog I highly suggest you go over and check it out today!



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