New Friend Friday!!! 7/28/17


It’s time for New Friend Friday!!  This week has blown by, I almost forgot it was Friday! How does that even happen??? As per usual I hope everyone gives their favorite blogger’s a big shout out today! I love sharing new to me bloggers, and spreading positivity so please do the same.  You never know who can use a pick me up!!


Holly @ Dressed to Read –  I have recently been introduced to Holly’s blog and it is simply wonderful.  She writes the most wonderful short reviews about the books she reads. I love how honest she is in her reviews!  Holly tends to read a wide arrange of books too, which keeps her blog so fresh and new.  If you are not following Holly I highly suggest you pop on over and follow her today!!


Lara @ The Book Heathen – Talk about a wide array of books read!  Holy guacamole…. if I ever need a suggestion on a book I know where to go.  Lara reads such a diverse span of books its wonderful.  Her reviews are always so wonderful and well thought out.  Also the aesthetic on her blog is so wonderful!!  I just really enjoy everything about Lara’s blog, I would highly suggest following her today!



5 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 7/28/17

  1. My comment didn’t post 😦 Thank you so much, Debby. This has made my day and it means a lot to me. This is so unexpected and sweet! I love reading your posts when I do have the time, they have a unique flair that is all you, keep up the wonderful posts!

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