New Friend Friday!!! 9/15/17



It’s time for another New Friend Friday!! I am always excited to do this post every week, sharing blogger positivity or any type of positivity is always at the top of my list.  So if you could take  a moment today on your favorite social media and shout out someone… whether it’s a blogger, instagrammer, twitter person?? I’m not hip with the lingo lol.. Just shout out someone in a positive way and make their day.  Yup that rhymed.. sigh back to school is getting to me.  On to my new friends…





Nada @ Early Bookish Birds –  These reviews bring a huge smile to my face… whether it be Nada’s candor or the well picked out GIF’s I can’t tell.  Either way I just LOVE the reviews the this blog.  I also really enjoy the layout of each post.. they just seem to flow. All in all I will be reading more of the blog and very often.  If you aren’t already following Early Bookish Birds I highly suggest going over there today and checking the blog out!!


Rafael @ The Royal Polar Bear Reads –  First of I LOVE the name of Rafael’s blog.. it was the first thing that attracted me to checking out the blog.  He has a ton, and I mean a ton of author interviews on his blog.  All of these interviews are so interesting, I alway enjoy seeing what makes an author tick.  Of course his reviews are also amazing, we also both really enjoy Pierce Brown so we will instantly be fast friends!!!   Please go check out his blog today!!



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