New Friend Friday!!! 9/22/17


My favorite day of the week is here!! Time to shout out to all of your favorite social media friends.  As we discussed last week shout out your favorite instagrammer, blogger, or twitterererererererer….. ???  feel free to weigh in below lol.  I always love new recommendations too of bloggers I can follow, post their about me pages in the comments below please 😀




Nikola @ Breathing Through Pages – Holy cover art!! It looks amazing…    I really, really enjoy Nikola’s reviews. Not only does he give his opinions he gives the backgrounds behind the author’s thought process on most of the books.  I really like that he takes time to research each book.   He also seems to read a wide range of books so that is super nice!  If you haven’t checked out his blog I hope you do today!


Annatasia & Tracy @ Bibliofiles13 –  Okay first of all I have to say a mom and daughter team what’s not to love about this!!! It’s amazing!!!  I love, love, love that they collaborate on this blog… It flows so well together and the tags and reviews are AMAZING.  I think everyone should be following them right now!!



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