New Friend Friday!!! 10.27.17


It is time for another New Friend Friday!! Take the time this week to shout out one of your favorite blogger people on social media, it may make their day/week/month.  You never know what anyone is going through and it only takes a moment to pay it forward!!!



Touch My Spine Book Reviews – If you want a blog that is full of books and humor this is the blog for you!! I love this blog..  I am so happy I stumbled upon it 😀  She writes some great fun posts along with some review posts.  All in all its a great blog to follow!!!    Have you followed this blog yet?? If not go do it now!!!!!



Book Reviews & Other Musings –  This blog is so amazing she has it set up in such an aesthetically pleasing way.  I could just scroll through it for hours on end. Her reviews are spot on, we seem to have the same tastes in most books.  I haven’t quite figured out if we have the same taste in music yet, but it doesn’t yet because I will be following her for a while and you should too!!



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