New Friend Friday!!! 12/29/17


It’s the last New Friend Friday of 2017!!! Wow I can’t even believe it… when I started doing this it was on a whim.  I never imagined everyone would embrace this little post so much!  Thank you for all of your support this year with New Friend Friday and I will continue to post throughout 2018 😀  Here are two new blogs this week!!  Have a Happy NEW YEAR!!



Mrs. Robinson’s Library –  The gray and the black layout of this blog is so calming.  The typewriter at the top of the page is amazing, I would have never thought to do something like that.  😀  Her reviews are very well thought out and helpful.  I really  enjoy reading all of her posts including tags, reviews, and Music Mondays!



YA Librarian Loves Books – Who doesn’t love their local librarian?? Well I found a blogger who is a librarian!!  Yup the best of both worlds! 😀 She really is amazing.. Not only does she review really popular YA but she also reads a lot of YA I have not heard yet.  Of course with her being a librarian I trust her wholeheartedly.



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