New Friend Friday!!! 1/19/17


Who is excited it’s time for another New Friend Friday?!?!?! I love sharing new blogs with you every week.  If you have time today shout out your favorite blogger, instagrammer, twitter(er?), youtuber, etc.  It may be the pick me up they need today 😀



Howling Libraries – I just love her reviews!!  They are amazing and so well thought out.  I can barely get my thoughts together for a review to get a paragraph or two together and she gets little snippets thrown in from the book!   It’s really great because then you get a feel for the story.  I also enjoy all of her other posts and tags… If you haven’t checked her out yet, I highly suggest you do!



Reading Under the Blankie –  I really like her layout!! It’s so unique.. I haven’t seen one like this yet.  I love her little heart ratings that look like they are hand drawn onto the page.  Her page has lots of amazing content and reviews!!  However it was her layout that brought my attention to her blog first.  I suggest taking a look at her blog today!



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