New Friend Friday!!! 1/26/18


I love New Friend Fridays!!! They are my favorite post of the week, sharing new friends with everyone.  I hope everyone takes time out of their day to shout out their favorite blogger friend somehow.  You never know it may be the pick me up that they need today!!



A Redhead’s Ramblings –  This blog is so much fun!! She has reviews, tags, posts, and every day life!  Her reviews are beyond well thought out… They make me want to go out and buy any book that she likes.  Which in my mind makes her a great reviewer. One of her 2018 goals was to make more friends!! You know an easy way to do that?!? Share the blogger positivity… I will do that today. Go check out her blog!!



Another Book in the Wall –  AAhhhhh how aesthetically pleasing to the eye!!  The font is always perfect, the headings are always correct, pictures always line up!!  I’m not sure how she does it.  On top of that she has such amazing content.  I really enjoy her blog over all and think many more people should visit it.  If you haven’t been to her blog yet I highly suggest you go see it today.



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