New Friend Friday!!! 02/09/18


It’s time for another New Friend Friday!!! I love that so many people keep finding new blogs off my little post 😀  I hope to keep them coming every week! If you EVER have a recommendation just let me know below!! I love finding new blogs too!! As always please shout out your favorite blogger friends today on social media somehow, someway!!




Musings of a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile –  Coffee and books two things I cannot get enough of for sure!!  This blog has a great banner I love the typewriter keys.  She writes really great reviews and other topic posts on varying topics.  It’s really great that she uses coffee cups to do her ratings on her book reviews so cute 😀  I would really suggest going over and checking out her blog today!


Darque Dreamer Reads – AHHH so aesthetically pleasing to the eye 😀  She reviews books and does makeup reviews!  She is amazingly responsive on the blogosphere and very positive all around.  All of her reviews and posts are really well thought out 😀  I just think she is a good person to have around and follow!! So if you aren’t I highly suggest you do..



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