New Friend Friday!! 04/13/18



It’s New Friend Friday!!! I love this post, it is really my favorite post of the week.  Seeing all these new blogs, and discovering new blogs.  Take the time today to shout out a friend on social media or via text and let them know how awesome they are!  You never know it may be the pick me up they need today.


ReadctBooks –  So much personality in one blog, and I love it!! She holds nothing back in her reviews in a very good way.  She is so sweet yet sassy in her reviews and I love it.   She does such a wide array of posts, book reviews and weekly updates you will never be bored on this blog.  I would highly suggest checking out this blog today!


Straight off the Paige –  I do believe this blog is fairly new, unless I’m completely wrong which has happened before!  I absolutely love the concept behind this blog.  Everything from the coloring to the banner is gorgeous.  Her categories are really well thought out, the posts she has up right now are spot on! I can’t wait to see what she posts next!



12 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!! 04/13/18

  1. Ah thank you so much!!! This made my day ❤ (well it’s night here but technicalities you know ahaha) This is such an awesome weekly post too! I think it’s so awesome!

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  2. Your comments about my blog are so sweet and really made my day! And I am a new blogger. My blog is only a little over a month old now! Thank you so much for including me in New Friend Friday!!

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