New Friend Friday!!! 05/25/18


It’s time for another New Friend Friday!! As always take the time to shout out your favorite friends, bloggers, instagrammers, etc.  You never know when someone might need the pick me up!! 🙂



Book Freak Revelations –   I am loving his reviews on these books.  They are so well thought out, and absolutely lovely to read. You can just tell he has so much fun writing his blog, and his personality is just bursting off the pages.  Have you checked out his blog yet? If not I highly suggest you do!


The Book Eater –  Layout, layout, layout, and it’s amazing!!! I love how every little detail melds and matches.  From the cover photo and font, to each blog post font, title, and page break.  The layout brought me to her page but the blog posts keep me coming back!  If you are not following this page I really think you should!



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