New Friend Friday!! 06/01/18



Wow a new month already, that just blows my mind!  Take the time today at the beginning of this month to shout out your favorite friends, bloggers, or social media peeps!! 😀  Everyone loves a pick me up!!


MetalPhantasmReads – I am really enjoying the variety of posts on this blog. You have everything from reviews, tags and updates.  She has everything really well organized so that you can find everything that you need. Her reviews are really good too, she is not afraid to DNF a book if necessary, or to gush if she really liked it.  Do you follow this blog?  If not I highly suggest you do!


Sparklesonpages –  What a great name for a blog!  From what I can tell this is a new blog, 2018 new 🙂  She is doing an amazing job too!!  Really great reviews on a wide variety of books.  She takes all of her own pictures of books too!  I love that aesthetic it makes it so much more personal.  I would really advise going over to this blog and checking it out!



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