New Friend Friday!!! 06/15/18


I’m always excited for New Friend Friday!! Take the time today to shout out to new to you friends, or even old to you friends!  You never know when someone could use a pick me up that day!



Adore A Book –  I love the layout and color scheme of this blog!  It just screams spring/summer.  I’m pretty sure all of the pictures are her own too?? I may be wrong but either way they are gorgeous!  Of course there are amazing reviews on this blog… I mean why wouldn’t there be?!?! Have you been to this blog before?? If not pop on over and give it a look!


The Caffeinated Chapter –  It’s a collab blog 😀  I love it when multiple bloggers share a blog!  With multiple bloggers, brings a wide array of books and reviews.  Which I absolutely adore.  It’s really nice to see the personalities come out in the blog posts.  I am also enjoying a lot of the pictures that everyone is taking and putting in their posts!  Do you follow this blog? I would highly suggest you do!





9 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 06/15/18

  1. Just checked them out, I’m always looking for new blogs to stay updated with and new blogging buddies in general!


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my blog! And yes, I do take 99% of the photos I post. So happy you like them.

    And sorry for the late reply because I haven’t seen any notification on my feed. I only found out about it through the stats on my blog 😭

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