Feel Me Fall, by James Morris

3.5 survival of the smartest stars!!

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Feel Me Fall 

Published May 6th 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
1545449082 (ISBN13: 9781545449080)

Emily Duran is the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her and her teenage friends stranded and alone in the jungles of the Amazon. Lost and losing hope, they struggle against the elements, and each other. With their familiar pecking order no longer in place, a new order emerges, filled with power struggles, betrayals, secrets and lies. Emily must explain why she’s the last left alive.

But can she carry the burden of the past?


My Thoughts….

This book followed one main character through her process of trying to recover her ordeal of being in plane crash.  Unfortunately this plane crash was in the jungle, and there were other survivors…but she was the only one to survive.  Her counselor in the hospital though a journal would help. When we get a peak into this journal is when the real story begins.


This book kind of gave off a Lord of Flies feel for me but with teenagers, it started off all good with everyone wanting to help everyone then boom.  You are following Emily and her journey through the jungle and what all led up to this moment.  So you have parts of her past intermingling with parts of whats happening in the jungle.  Emily is very, very naive and pure of heart.  She wants everyone to get along and make it out okay.  This did kind of get on my nerves at times, I really did want her to just smack someone.

The plot line on this book was very well done, and thought out.  I was always interested in what was coming next.  You never knew what someone was going to say, or reveal for that matter.  I never knew if something was real or fake.  The only downfall for me at least was lack of connection with the main character.  I also felt every single male lead character was a bit of a basket case, however that might of been needed for the plot line.  Again the lack of connection may have just been on my side.


Did you read this book???  What would you do trapped in a Jungle for days on end???

** Thank you to James Morris for my copy of this book in lieu of my honest review**


About the Author…

James       Morris

James Morris is a former television writer who now works in digital media. When not writing, you can find him scoping out the latest sushi spot, watching ‘House Hunters Renovation’, or trying new recipes in the kitchen. He lives with his wife and dog in Los Angeles.

5 thoughts on “Feel Me Fall, by James Morris

  1. Was that opening line a spoiler then? “Unfortunately this plane crash was in the jungle, and there were other survivors…but she was the only one to survive” hehe? Always too bad when we fail to connect with a protagonist. Like or hate them, I have to feel something strong. This is a great review.


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