New Friend Friday!!! 06/29/18


It’s time for a New Friend Friday!! I always love this post because I get to meet new people, and hopefully bring new people to all of my favorite people.  Take the time to shout out some of your favorite people today, and give them the pick me up they may need.


The Bookish Beagle –  Any blog that uses their pet in the title of it is A-okay with me 😀 Not only that but she is also an amazing blogger.  She reads a nice array of books, and has such lovely posts on her blog.  Her reviews usually leave me adding more books to my TBR than I need.  Are you already following this blog?  If not you should today!


Rattle the Stars – The background layout is gorgeous on this blog! I love her variety of posts…and reviews keep you on your toes weekly.  Everything is so beautifully laid out and well put together. Have you checked out this blog before???? What are you waiting for!!!




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