Another Sky, by Jayne Frost

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Another Sky

Kindle Edition, 381 pages
Published June 22nd 2019

My world stopped turning six years ago.
My best friend. My best girl. A burning field in the pouring rain.
I survived, but I left the biggest part of me with them.
And now I sift through the rubble of my broken life. 

I didn’t want a second chance.
Redemption. Closure.
Not for me.

Until Gelsey. 
A dancer. A dreamer. 
Everything I’m not. 
She’s the light to my dark. 
The sun from another sky. 

But sunny days never last. 
The storm is coming. 
And this time when darkness falls, I might surrender. 

ANOTHER SKY is a standalone rock star romance. 
Warning: This book deals with depression.



My Review…

I’m glad this book came with a warning about depression because it is very heavy in this book. There is no light way to talk about depression and this book does not beat around the bush.  Miles has demons that’s for sure, even Gelsey has demons to deal with.  I initially picked this book up because there was a ballerina in the blurb, I used to be one and now my daughter is one so it instantly attracted me to it.  I wish this book would’ve had a little more ballet and rock star moments in it, however I get that she wanted to focus more on the character backgrounds and the now.

Gelsey was a breath of fresh air that’s for sure. With her devout dedication to ballet like any ballerina wanting to get into the NYC ballet theater scene she didn’t have time for anything outside of that.  So, she is not up to date on the popular things most girls are into.  I really felt her pain about her mother and father, I loved how close she was with her BFF and Ivan.  I enjoyed that she had a true backbone and stood up to Miles and didn’t take his crap even though he was some famous Rockstar. I also liked how she wasn’t like some of the other ballerinas, some dancers are spiteful and will stab you in the back, she wasn’t like this, she fought for her parts, but didn’t take people down in the process.

Miles is definitely a more tortured soul, he has been through some seriously tragic crap and I don’t just mean losing his band mates.  As this book goes on it’s almost as if you can see his heart slowly melt little by little.  However, depression is a fickle thing and you never know when it will come back and haunt you. It can make you lash out at the people closest to you and that is just an awful thing.  Miles was a more in-depth character to follow than Gelsey or maybe I related more who knows.

After I read this book, I realized it is part of a “series” but they can all be read a standalone so I think I might go back and read the rest of them.  There was another character that was introduced in this book that I’m very invested in and I hope he gets a book or already has one.


About the Author…


Jayne FrostI write about the things that move me. Music and soulmates and bad boys with as much heart as attitude. I’m a sucker for a happy ending and a killer soundtrack.

My Rockstar Romance Series—Sixth Street Bands—centers around the Austin, Texas music scene. A place I will forever consider my home.

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