Wreck My World, by Victoria Ashley

3 motorcycles and friendships stars!!


Wreck My World

Kindle Edition, 408 pages
Published June 25th 2019
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“The feeling I have in this very moment, after not seeing her for so long, will haunt me forever, reminding me why I left to begin with.”

For as long as I can remember, Easton Crews has been off-limits. As much as it kills me, that’s never going to change.
After his little disappearing act three years ago, then suddenly showing up out of nowhere, I shouldn’t want anything to do with him.
It doesn’t matter how beautiful he still is. Or how close we once were. It shouldn’t matter that my entire body lights on fire with need whenever he gets close.
He chose the worst possible time to leave without so much as a goodbye.
However, just like the first day he walked into our home, I’m drawn to him, needing him near me just as badly as I need air to breathe, and I can’t stand it.
I want to hate him. I know I should hate him. But hating him is the last thing he’ll let me do.
I push, he pulls harder, until I’m completely wrapped up in him, my mind lost in the one person who is forbidden—the one person I’ve always loved, even when he belonged to someone else.
Easton was never meant to be mine. It took me years to come to terms with that and now that I finally have, he’s here, right in front of me, more irresistible than ever.
The part I fear the most about that—he’s the one person capable of completely wrecking my world.

“I’m not leaving until you take all of your hate out on me. Let me feel it. All of it. Every dirty look. Every nasty fucking word. I will have it all before I leave. Stop hiding from me.”


My Review…

Let me start off with what I liked okay? I really enjoyed that Dakota seemed like the kind of friend I would have, especially when I was growing up.  I was very much a tomboy growing up, always doing everything the boys were doing.  So, the fact that she was always fixing cars/bikes and riding in the mud didn’t surprise me one bit.  Fast forward about 10 years when she is a woman working in a man’s world and she doesn’t take no crap from anyone and I adore it.  I enjoyed her BFF Hope however I did not like that she kept things from her that was a little off putting.  Dakota was a rough and tumble character and enjoyed that.


Easton was a tad bit too pushy, but I think that was because he knew Dakota so well.  They were like peas in a pod.  He seems like he should be the bad boy type of character however he really is a softie not only for Dakota but for all of his friends back home.  I actually kind of liked the flashbacks to when they were younger, and you got to see his perspective on Dakota it was mostly really sweet. Easton overall was a really great guy who was willing to give up everything to finally have what he’s always wanted so I just really enjoyed him.


Okay I feel like whole Quinn/ Easton relationship was all wrong I can realistically see it lasting 2 months but not 6 years.  He could’ve dated any other woman I don’t understand his misguided feelings towards dissing the brooks family by having to keep up his relationship with Quinn? The fact that Dakota makes that the main reason she won’t date Easton also irritates me, she likes him from the beginning but never says anything to Quinn.  I feel like this might be a little to icky of a situation for me, or maybe it isn’t, when I don’t think about that part, they are a cute couple. I also really disliked the authors over use of the hero constantly gripping the heroines back of the neck… maybe occasionally it’s okay but every single time he got close to her he did it.  That was just a tiny pet peeve not really anything big overall.


I’m excited to see what happens with everyone in the story, I hope she writes more of these characters.  I can’t wait to see what the future of this little town brings.


About the Author…

Victoria AshleyNew York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author

Hey everyone!! I’m the author of the Walk of Shame Series plus many other titles! If you’re into reading about sexy, dirty talking alpha males then you’re in the right place!!!

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