The Dare by Lauren Landish


4 oh pineapples stars!!!


The Dare

Kindle Edition, 350 pages
Published January 31st 2020
Original Title
The Dare
Edition Language


Have you ever had one of those really bad days at work?
You know, one where your hot boss catches you photocopying your backside in his office?
No? Just me then?

I blame my bestie and partner in chaos.
She challenged me with a not-so-innocent dare that I should’ve flat out declined.

But I’m an adrenaline junkie, and now, here I am.
I know it sounds crazy, and daredevil tendencies aside, I definitely went too far to get his attention.

But you haven’t seen him.
Colton Wolfe. My boss.
Tall, dark, and handsome, with the sexiest British accent I’ve ever heard.
His only flaw? That he’s completely oblivious to what’s been right in front of him all along.

Well, he was until a few minutes ago.
Remember those good old days?
Before I got caught making “nice” with the copy machine, and before I was totally getting fired?

But wait. Maybe I’m not.
If I can take on the biggest dare of all.
Making Colton Wolfe fall in love with me.


My Review…

This book was a very fun ride but the romance moved very fast.  I think that I have been reading many books lately where they span over months instead of weeks so it took me by surprise is all. Both of these characters have the same goal they want to prove their father’s wrong in different ways.

I loved Elle’s corky characteristics, she was so out there and it made her all so much more lovable. The dare’s between her and her best friend really set the story in motion. Elle is a very brave person, she doesn’t hold her tongue.  Her cat is so stinking adorable because I can see everything it is doing in the book.  The way she sees everything in England is priceless.

Colton is so focused on his new project that he doesn’t even see the world around him, until fate and Elle’s craziness is thrown into his face.  He needs some of that craziness in his  life. His dares were almost as good as hers, I really liked exploring the world through his eyes.  How every time he was with Elle a new side was brought out of Colton. His family was something out of a TV drama it was quite amusing.

This book was quite a fun ride and I enjoyed it very much.  I like this author and will continue to keep reading her, I highly suggest it.


About the Author…

Lauren LandishLauren Landish is a WALL STREET JOURNAL & USA TODAY bestselling author and her books have garnered a legion of praise from her readers.

When she’s not plotting about how she will introduce you to your next sexy as hell book boyfriend, you can find her deep, deep in her writing cave, furiously tapping away on her keyboard, writing scenes that would make even a hardened sailor blush.

Lauren, who lives in NC with her boyfriend and fur baby, warmly invites you to her worlds of rock hard abs, chiseled smiles, and men with deep, fat pockets…but beware! These stories are guaranteed to have you addicted and needing your next fix!


One thought on “The Dare by Lauren Landish

  1. I don’t think I’ve read this author before. I can see why the speed of the romance would bug you. I might have to try this one. I’m trying to get through all of my ARCs., so maybe after that.


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