Fated (Enchanted Gods #2) by K.K. Allen

5 Manatees for the win stars!!!

USA Today Bestselling Author, K.K. Allen, continues to take readers on a deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful adventure in a contemporary fantasy series based on a young woman learning to navigate her new existence in the enchanting world where her FATED may just be her enemy.

Katrina Summer finally comes to terms with her enchanted skin as she is challenged with an evil that threatens Apollo Beach.

In a desperate search for her missing locket, Katrina is swept into a whole new world of mythological enchantment that places her at the helm of a looming threat. As she makes new discoveries about her bloodline and meets descendants of other enchanted breeds, she unearths the most disturbing Summer family secret of all.

Amid the chaos, Katrina is determined to maintain whatever normalcy she can. She accepts a job at Island Grille where the devilishly gorgeous bartender, Johnny Pierce, makes life even more challenging. Katrina struggles between her lingering and undeniable attraction for Alec, the secrets she must keep from him, and a betrayal she never sees coming.

Mysterious deaths, signs of pollution rising in the bay, the discovery of fated love, and the dark history that follows her enemy’s motives stir up an entirely new and frightening adventure. Katrina discovers that being an Enchanter holds a responsibility that might just be worth killing for.

FATED is Book 2 in the all-new ENCHANTED GODS series.

Buy Links:

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2SnOdAU

Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/3xvAgzg

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3im82md

Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/3xvAAhs

Free in KU

My Review..

I’m not even sure I have words to describe what I just read. I thought Cursed the first book was really good, but Fated just blew it out of the water. There were twists and turns some you see coming some you don’t. I was very happy with some moments and others just broke my heart. While it didn’t end on a cliff hanger I won’t say my heart wasn’t breaking towards the end of the book. K.K. Allen is very good at taking your heart and twisting and turning it so you are in an emotional hurricane and don’t know if you will come out the same. All of the characters grow in this book in varying ways and I don’t want to delve to deep into it because of spoilers but I love all of them Kat, Johnny, Alec, Trisha, Rose, Charlotte, even the Manatees.

I cannot wait for book three! Thank you to K.K. Allen for a copy in lieu of my honest review. Honestly highly recommend

Meet K.K. Allen:

K.K. Allen is the USA TODAY Bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance author of sweet, sexy, and inspiring stories that evoke emotion at every turn. 

K.K.’s debut romance novel, Up in the Treehouse, was named the Best New Adult Book of the Year by RT Book Reviews, an honor beyond belief. And she continues to take reader’s emotions on an epic ride every single time with real, layered, coming of age romance stories that will make you fall in love over and over again. 

Born in Hawaii, raised in Washington, and currently residing in Florida, K.K. lives for laughs with her little dude, the great outdoors, watching football, dancing the night away, and her eclectic taste in music. 

K.K. also loves connecting with her readers and attends signings when she can! You can find upcoming event dates and other information at: www.kkallen.com.

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