New Friend Friday



I am so surprised every week with the blogger love that goes around from my little post.  I am very much enjoying that everyone is getting something off of my New Friend Friday post.  Anyone can share this or just share some blogger love in some way that’s great!  Tweet out your favorite blog, or share on your social medias.  You never know who could use a pick me up that day!!


Gretchen @ Chic Nerd Reads – Gretchen’s blog is amazing!! It is stunning, plus she not only review books but she writes poetry!! One of my favorite things about Gretchen is she is very active on the blogosphere.  She will chat you up in the comments or at least give your post a like.  When she posts a book review I know I am going to instantly like all the artwork/meme/gifs to go along with it.  She has such a great blog style! So make sure to check out her blog and follow her.(image taken from  Chic Nerd Reads)



Cindy @ My Book File – Cindy is fantastic, her reviews are spot on! Not only does she review a wide range of books but she puts in little snippets from the books in her reviews.  I always love reading little paragraphs about the books so that I get an idea of how it flows. Her background right now is gorgeous, those trees are beautiful.  Her blog is just so pleasing to the eye. You should go follow her now!! (Image taken from My Book File)



24 thoughts on “New Friend Friday

  1. I actually love this so much! No need to be competitive (as most things are) we can all spread the love and raise each other up! Such a good feature. I’ll be going to follow both of these blogs. Thanks for shining a little bit of light in this book blogging world!


  2. I am blushing so hard over here. OMG! Thank you so much for mentioning me. I feel so honored, you’re the best. I love your blog! I really enjoy your taste in reads since it’s different and ranges in genres. Thank you thank you thank you!

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