Queen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book #1), by Samantha Garman

3.5 Klutziness rules stars!!!


Queen of Klutz (The Sibby Series, #1)


Kindle Edition, 308 pages
Published October 20th 2018 by Tabula Rasa Publishing (first published December 22nd 2015)


Choose the best phrase to describe Sibby Goldstein’s life:

1) Sucky.
2) Really sucky.
3) Major suck-fest.
D) All of the above.

I started my day with a boyfriend and a job. I ended my day with a bottle of tequila. I’ll let you connect the dots.

Somehow, I wound up working as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. I have no idea what I’m doing. And I’m not just talkin’ about life.

This should be interesting.





“Black pants, white button-downs. The owner is pay for the shirts since he wants everyone to look the same.”

“No black bowties?’ Zeb demanded.

Jess grinned. “Not yet.”

“I’m going to have to buy a white undershirt. Otherwise, customers will see my nipples.” He stage whispered to me, “ They’re pierced.”

“Might help increase your tips,” I said with a shrug. “Can I see?”

He went to unbutton his shirt when Jess yelled, “For the love of God! Not at work!”

“Whatever, Jess, You’re just jealous of my amazing nipples.”


My Review…

Banter it’s all about the banter, this book had loads of it.  I feel like Sibby never got to have the emotional breakdown she deserved this whole book because well disaster after disaster kept happening.  All of her one liners was what kept her going though… I just loved her personality over all, I feel like she would be most women when faced with what happened during that first day.  I could relate to her on a deeper level because well I love her aesthetic and attitude.  The love for her best friend was very nice.  I liked seeing how Sibby evolved even though she was a hot mess most of the time she had to evolve emotionally.


Aiden was adorable and so sweet, sooooo unbelievably patient.  He has some growth in the book but of course he isn’t the one who is going through a huge emotional crisis.  I was worried in the beginning he might not be an HEA because this is a series.  I think though he might be the perfect big spoon 😉 You might have to read the book to get that but its so cute.  It’s really nice how he backed up his best friend in the book and tried really hard to get him a second date.  I worked in a restaurant way back when and would’ve paid big bucks to have a manager like him.


I’m not sure if I will read the next book in the series or not because I really enjoyed where this one left off.  It was a super sweet and awkward ending.  The romance is slow in this book the steam level is low so if you don’t like too steamy of books this might be for you.


About the Author…

Samantha GarmanSamantha Garman writes stories of love, laughter, and life. She is a lover of all things romance, a full-time puppy mama, and a bonafide klutz.

When she’s not busy spilling things, she can be found reading a book or taking photos of the wee beastie and posting them on Instagram.

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