Finding Home(Rolling On #1), by Emilia Finn

4 what’s the worst that can happen stars!!


Finding Home (Rollin On #1)

Kindle Edition, 317 pages
Published October 31st 2018
Edition Language

Kit Reilly is just an average woman; strong, hardworking and fiercely independent, but when her best friend dies young and Kit inherits a belligerent teenage dependent, she just wants life to be a little less dramatic.

She lives day to day, doing her best to keep her head above water, and she tries to encourage her new house mate to be a decent human being.

Bobby Kincaid is a local gym owner and professional UFC fighter. He is a family man, through and through, but he’s not looking to settle down. He has a big fight this year, and no time or desire for distractions.

Will he win the title? Will he make room in his life for a few extras?

It’s a life or death race to the end.

Will Kit be able to find home again, before it’s too late?


My Review…

I didn’t just fall in love with the main characters in this book, I fell in love with the whole family.  You basically start off by learning that these Kincaid brother’s back each other up as much as they give each other crap.  I absolutely loved the banter that they had together which comes with years of growing up together.  The fact that they are not all blood related didn’t even seem to matter.  The pride that Bobby and the rest of the guys had in the gym was evident, yet they didn’t boast or brag at all in this book, they also took care of everyone like they were family even if they weren’t.  You couldn’t have set up a better family, I absolutely loved that dynamic and the way they stepped in like big brothers to Jack when he needed it.

Kit is exactly the type of character that the Kincaids need in their life, she is feisty and shy all at the same time.  Her banter with Jimmy is super cute, I loved their instant friendly connection.  She is a strong character that doesn’t even realize she is balancing the weight of the world on her shoulders.  I liked how she didn’t want to fight but enjoyed it.  She really is the epitome of a female; she is self-conscious yet wants to be daring and proud at the same time. Kit is a great big sister to Jack even though she doesn’t see it in the book until part way through and I’m glad she does get a glimpse of it.

I really, really enjoyed this book overall and cannot wait to go onto the next one because we will be moving down the line of brothers.  I would definitely recommend this book and this author.


“I should be mad you called me a meathead.” When he opens his mouth to deny, I press my palm over his lips and smile. “I’m sure. We’ve worked hard for it, I sparred with Izzy and didn’t walk away crying – on Tuesday. That’s gotta mean something, right?”I remove my hand and replace it with my lips. “I’ve got this, I promise. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“What’s the worst that can happen?” he groans. “Here universe, take my dare and smite me down, I don’t mind.”

I snicker and scratch my nails along the back of his head. “Let’s go in. Don’t let it all be a waste. I have something to prove, and we’re running out of time.”


About the Author….

Emilia FinnEmilia Finn is an Australian author based on the East Coast of NSW. She’s a mum to toddlers, wife to a stubborn man, and an all-around badass who forgets to slow down and enjoy the small things in life – except coffee. She enjoys the shit out of that.
She was an accountant back when she wanted to be corporate and was ‘supposed’ to stack up to expectations, but three years into that degree, she realized she’d rather wipe her ass with chilli covered cacti than look at numbers ever again.
To curb her need to roll around in a hessian sack full of angry wasps, she trained and competed on the weekends and became a national champion and a not-very-humble undefeated full-contact fighter.
No, seriously. She’s not humble about it. Ask her! She’ll show you her trophies.

Fortunately for her, right around the time she thought accounting might literally send her insane, she married her long-time boyfriend, honeymooned for six weeks in Scotland, and came home pregnant with a red-haired baby. (Ha! That’s actually true.)

Accounting was replaced with babies; diapers, boob milk, snot on every surface. She had a second baby (brown hair) two years after the first, and all the while, she trained and competed and tried to maintain that undefeated fighting streak.

When her little girl was seven months old, Emilia busted her knee during a training session, was told to sit down for a while to let it heal, and that’s when she dusted off her old laptop and started typing Bobby and Kit’s story.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Emilia’s knee never recovered enough for competition after that, though she still enjoys training. But her passion for fighting was replaced with a burning need to write.

In between writing, momm’ing, and wifing, she’s also her husband’s company accountant. (Ha! Joke’s on her.) But it’s not so bad, because whenever he gets annoying, she reminds him who is ACTUALLY the boss around here.

One thought on “Finding Home(Rolling On #1), by Emilia Finn

  1. I love when you can fall an entire family! Those brothers sound amazing. And it also has great banter? That’s a huge plus! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the rest of the series.


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