These pages are always rather awkward aren’t they??  Well my first name is Debby and I am married with 3 children.  I mostly answer to mom or honey.  We seem to accumulate pets like some people have hoards of jackets or purses. We have 3 dogs currently all different ages and all mutts and a one eyed cat who happened to find our dog in the yard when he was a kitten. I do have 2 horses but they currently reside on my father’s property.  Needless to say our life is quite chaotic but I love it.

Obviously I love reading or I wouldn’t have created this blog 😉  I started reading about the same time as everyone else but really enjoyed escaping into a different world for a bit then being surprised to find I was still in my bedroom.  I didn’t start branching out into different genres until high school when we had required readings to do.  I was one of the few kids who would read ahead of the assigned homework. I used to read when my now husband would come over for a date and he would watch TV at the same time.  I think it set a standard for the rest of our lives because we still do that now 😀


Feel free to suggest more books I’m always looking for books! You can always contact me via email at


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