Tuesday Tidbits 4/19/16


Hello Everyone! Read anything good lately??  Let’s see what have I been up to lately.. oh yah it’s my birthday today!!!  I am having a really good birthday 😀  My family knows me all to well they bought me books and pop figurines.  My youngest hulk jr. bought me a wonder woman pop which is fantastic.  My middle ballerina princess knew I loved the Jenny Lawson book I just read Furiously Happy so she bought me the first book she wrote. Eldest scientist boy decided to go with a favorite and get me the ball gowned Hermione pop figure.   My husband knows my nerdy side well he bought me a time turner like Hermione’s with a display case.  It is gorgeous!! (on a side note he also bought me Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

I am currently reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and really enjoying it.  I am also reading The Redhead Revealed by Alice Clayton for my buddy read  this month.  I really enjoyed the first Redhead book the way she wrote the dialogue reminded me of Gilmore Girls.  How it’s quick and quirky…

Our weather is finally changing to somewhat beautiful here so I will be enjoying all of the reading I can outside.. or by an open window.  Have a great week!!

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