New Friend Friday! 12/16/16


Hey Guys it’s time for another New Friend Friday!  The two I have this week are definitely new to me but I just love reading on their blogs.  Thank you to anyone and everyone who helps me promote New Friend Friday by commenting, liking, or sharing on the internet.  I really appreciate all of you, let’s keep the blogger positivity going!!


DarnelLouis @ DarnelLouis – While I am very new to Darnel’s blog we seem to read almost the same exact books!  I really enjoy that he doesn’t seem to mind branching out every once in a while from the YA scene to other new genres.  His blog layout is very pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.  I really enjoy that he keeps up on weekly posts like T5W or Hype or Like Friday.  Go follow his blog now!

Melissa @ Booknerdmomo – This is another new to me blog!  I love Melissa’s layout, whether it be the blog in whole or just her reviews/tags.  She does things in such an elegant way, everything seems to have it’s proper place.  Her reviews are amazing and she seems to span a good range of genre’s.  You should go check out her blog now!




11 thoughts on “New Friend Friday! 12/16/16

  1. Awww thank you so much for the shoutout and the kind words! 💕
    It’s good to hear that my blog seems organized because I always feel like I’m all over the place with it. 😂
    Also, I love this feature! It’s such a great idea to help spread positivity.


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