New Friend Friday!!!! 08/04/17


Holy Guacamole it’s AUGUST!! I can’t believe the summer is almost over 😦  How did that even happen.  I tend to read more in winter so I’m looking forward to it! I’m not looking forward towards all the back the school shopping.  Take the time to shout out your favorite blogger on social media today, it might be the pick me up they need today!



Nick & Nereyda @ Nick&Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist – This blog is gorgeous!! I just love their reviews, and posts and everything about this blog! It’s so cool how well these two bloggers mesh.  I love how they both review but seem to kind of do their own thing as far as posts go.  Go look at their blog today if you aren’t following them!!!


Ari & Britt @ The New Romantics – This blog is divine!! The color scheme…sigh so gorgeous… I love their posts! They do a post called What’s on Kindle Unlimited and link it to Amazon.  That’s amazing!! I’m always amazing at how well two bloggers can work together on one blog.  Pop on over and check them out today!!



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