New Friend Friday!!! 09/29/17


It’s New Friend Friday! Yay!! I’m always excited to bring do this every week. Make sure in usual new friend Friday style to shout out your favorite person today on social media.  It may be the pick me up they need today!!


The Crow and Dagger – I just stumbled across this blog and am so happy I did!!  This blog is so unbelievably informative about giveaways, signings, book boxes, etc.  Not only that it is set up beautifully!! It is the so gorgeous, she has it set up as a personal blog about her books but is sharing all of knowledge about all of these author events and giveaways!! Everyone should follow her and say thank you for sharing the book loving wealth!!


Bibliobeth –  What a great blog, with just the best reviews.  I love the pink, it’s gorgeous… Beth is just innovative on her blog which is really refreshing.  She just started her own tag called Shelfie by Shelfie which I might have to start doing myself.  It’s a really good idea to take a little peek into everyone’s bookshelf a spot at a time!  If you haven’t been reading her reviews you should start today!



11 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 09/29/17

  1. Thank you!!! You are so sweet:) I’m glad you like my blog. Giveaways and books events are not always easy to find so I try super hard to share any book goodies info I find:) I would have thanked you sooner but I totally missed the notification:/

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