New Friend Friday!!! 12/15/17


It’s time for another New Friend Friday!! To be honest this week has been insane!!! It’s a Christmas recital week for Ballerina Princess and Mini Hulk 🙂  We have dance almost every day and they are long days… I know, I know we signed up for it.  I’m getting side tracked from the awesome new friends I’m bringing you this week.  If you ever have any new blogs for me to follow just let me know below in the comments section!




The Cozy Pages – How cute is the espresso shot rating on this blog?!?! She has really great content on this blog, such great reviews. There is such a wide array of tags, reviews, and posts on this page.  I also really like the layout of Cozy Pages… Did she take the banner picture? If so it’s amazing and congrats!!!


Living A Hundred Lives – Holy Guacamole talk about aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I’m just wondering if she can come over to my house for a day and revamp my blog?!  On top of the amazing looks of the blog, she does really great reviews and other posts.




16 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 12/15/17

  1. I’m not sure which ones you may or may have not followed but there is Darque Dreamer Reads, Carrie’s Book Reviews, Reads & Reels, Meltotheany, Kathy’s Books and Munches, Sophie @ Beware of the Reader, Breakeven Books and I think you may already be following Kim @ By Hook or By Hook! These are just some random ones off the top of my head that you may be interested in if you haven’t checked them out already

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