New Friend Friday!!! 04/20/18



It’s another New Friend Friday!! I encourage all of you to lift your friends up today, give them a shout out! You never know who needs it 🙂  something so small as an “I appreciate you!”  could make someone’s day!!!   I really like getting to know each blogger that I follow and I appreciate everyone of you!!


Morgana’s Book Box – I love her banner, it’s so simple yet so pleasing to the eye!  She does such a wide array of posts and they all have her personality in them.  I think my favorite post so far is the Mug Monday post.  I love seeing mugs because I have quite an obsession with them.  I have nowhere to store them, but I love them.  Have you followed this blog? If not you should follow her today!


Ali- The Dragon Slayer – This woman is a blogger everyone should be following and giving such a big shout out too!  She is such a positive influence on the blogging community!!!   Her blog is so cute and creative but I think its great that she is just so nice and an inspiration to the rest of us bloggers.  So if you haven’t checked her out yet, hop on over and do so!



11 thoughts on “New Friend Friday!!! 04/20/18

  1. First off – THANK YOU for the shoutout! I´m beyond floored that you took your time to look at my blog. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this post is ( even if I just saw it ). Making new blog friends is always exciting and delightful ❤ ❤ I´ll definitely check out Ali´s blog out. You totally made my day with this. * blowing air kisses your way *

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