New Friend Friday!!! 5/18/18


It’s time for another New Friend Friday, I am always excited to shout out new to me bloggers every week!  Take the time today to give a friend a pick me up on your favorite social media or even via text.  You never know when someone could use a pick me up during the day!!



Read With Me –  How cute are her little birds?!?  So precious…. Her reviews are on fire!  I love how well thought out the initial reviews are and then after that she breaks it out into A, B, & C.  of likes and dislikes.  She does read a wide variety of books but I do have to say I am enjoying her romance reviews the most 🙂  I enjoy an honest romance reviewer!  Have you been following this blog?  If not I highly suggest you do!


The Bookworm Girl – I love the layout of this blog!!  A blog about books that is written on books is so cute!  I really am enjoying her short reviews about the books that she reads.  You get the jist of what she has read and whether or not you might want to read or not really easy.  Have you seen her layout??  Go follow her today!



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