New Friend Friday 07/20/18


It’s time for another New Friend Friday!! Take the time to shout out a friend today or your favorite blogger on social media!! You never know when someone may need a pick me up in their day or week. If you ever have any blogs you want me to check out please feel free to leave them in the comments πŸ˜€



Reader Voracious Blog – I am loving this blog, she does so many reviews and posts.Β  Not only that but I didn’t find her, she found me! πŸ™‚Β  She also doesΒ  a post where she shares her favorite quotes on Saturdays.Β  I am really enjoying that post and may have to start joining in.Β  Are you already following this blog?Β  If not you should!


Muggle Books –Β  I adore this blog, it is so cute!Β  Her set up is just so lovely, and beautiful.Β  She does such a nice wide array of posts and reviews.Β  I’ve noticed she’s very interactive on the blogosphere and so nice!Β  Β Have you been to visit her blog recently?Β  I highly suggest you do!!


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